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Introducing a revolutionary plant-based formula designed to relieve pain and restore your body to its optimal state.

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Rightful For Pain & Recovery relieves everywhere pain hurts with AM and PM formulas that work together to deliver 24/7 results.

  • Natural formula for multi-symptom relief
  • Scientifically-proven, precise doses
  • Convenient, innovative liquid format

Awaken your best body

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The morning dose relieves pain and inflammation while bolstering energy and focus all day long.


of those with high or moderate pain reported a decrease in their pain levels.*

* 2019 Consumer Trial

Put pain to sleep

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The evening dose eases tension and restlessness so you can fall asleep and get full-body recovery.


reported better sleep after one month.*

* 2019 Consumer Trial

Get Relief All Day & Night

Most natural formulas don’t work.
We created one that does.

By bringing together leaders from both integrative and conventional medicine, Rightful created a plant-based formula that’s exceptionally powerful without the aftereffects of common alternatives.

Our Science

We wanted to create a product that was crafted specifically to deal with the multifaceted complexity of pain.
Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Herbal and Integrative Medicine Expert
Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Hear how Rightful helps reduce all kinds of pain.