Bet you didn't know plants could do that.

Somewhere along the way, we stopped looking to nature to heal us.

For thousands of years, in every culture, on every continent, people looked to natural solutions to treat ailments—from minor scrapes and bruises to life-threatening conditions.

Plant-based supplements on white kitchen counter how to choose the best herbal supplement

Most options today aren't working.

Hazardous aftereffects. Questionable efficacy. Unknown purity. The list goes on of real compromises people have to make when choosing a path to get better. And while quick fixes exist, they often mask the problem, and rarely offer a long term solution.

We're here to change all of that.

We founded Rightful to revolutionize how we address society’s biggest health concerns by harnessing the power of plants and modern science.

We spent the last two years working with a team of medical experts from a wide range of backgrounds to create powerful, plant-based solutions that support your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Our first product, For Pain & Recovery, will bring natural, plant-based relief to the over 100 million people suffering from recurring pain every day.

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Our diverse team of doctors are transforming medicine.

More like an army than a garden.

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