plantbased medicine being poured into dosing cup

The Art and Science Behind Rightful For Pain & Recovery

Authored by Tieraona Low Dog, MD – Rightful Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer and Formulator

Addressing the underlying causes of recurring pain with powerful, foundational herbs

Crafting an herbal supplement is an art form.

It first begins by establishing what effects are desired. Then, an important two-step process follows:

  1. Researching what plants have been traditionally used to achieve those effects
  2. Understanding what modern science has been able to confirm based on rigorous research

At this point, I step back and visualize each herb as part of an orchestra. There must be a conductor with just the right instruments to produce powerful harmony and balanced overtones. In other words, I create formulas to produce a primary benefit as well as secondary or even tertiary benefits that will arise from this optimal herbal combination. This means, almost always, using the whole plant, rather than just a single isolate; thinking synergistically about what a certain unique combination of herbs can achieve together that is more than the sum of their individual parts.

With Rightful For Pain & Recovery, I wanted to primarily address the underlying problems of recurring pain. In my clinical experience, there are foundational herbs that can help support a healthy inflammatory response; ease stress; improve sleep, mental and physical fatigue; and lift the mood.

Why a Liquid Formula?
I’m a huge fan of liquid herbal supplements for three reasons:

  1. Many people with recurring pain who regularly take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) are also on proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to protect their gastrointestinal tracts. PPIs reduce stomach acid making it harder to fully digest tablets. Liquid formulas are not affected by low stomach acid.
  2. Bioavailability is the degree to which and the speed with which a substance enters circulation and is able to take effect. In liquid form, bioavailability is enhanced because our science-backed ingredients can enter into circulatory systems faster and more of their power can be absorbed. Rightful For Pain & Recovery also has specific ingredients, like piperine from black pepper extract and coconut cream, to help increase the absorption of turmeric and broad-spectrum hemp extract.
  3. In my experience, people feel the effects more quickly. This results from the liquid format’s increased bioavailability, but also because we have been tasting the plants for millennia. The slightly bitter, pungent or sweet flavors engage our senses in a real and powerful way.

Why Morning and Evening Formulas?
People experiencing recurring pain need different support at night than during the day.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, has a natural daily rhythm. It peaks in the morning to give us that “rise and shine” jolt designed to help us get out of bed and greet the day. Cortisol levels then decline in the evening to allow us to wind down and start preparing physiologically for sleep. People with recurring pain often have lower levels of cortisol in the morning, and, as a consequence, wake up feeling tired. This tiredness results from both a lack of restorative sleep and the blunting of our morning cortisol surge.

Compounding things further, cortisol levels don’t decline as they should later in the evening. People can feel very tired but then get a second wind when bedtime approaches: being “wired and tired”. The body needs to sleep to mend.

For these reasons, I developed a morning formula (AM) and an evening formula (PM) to address these different need states. Both formulas have an identical core of herbs (turmeric, turmeric (curcumin) extract, broad-spectrum hemp extract, black pepper, and corydalis). For Pain & Recovery AM contains rhodiola, which reduces fatigue, while also improving energy, mood, physical endurance and mental focus. For Pain & Recovery PM contains California poppy, which relieves everyday aches and pains resulting from exercise or stress, and lessens restlessness and nervousness, and ashwagandha, which enhances the body’s response to stress and inflammation, along with promoting a healthy response to pain and supporting restful sleep.

We are so excited for you to try Rightful For Pain & Recovery – it’s a revolutionary product that we hope will bring relief to you and your family!

Rightfully yours,

Tieraona Low Dog, MD
Rightful Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer