Resetting Your Body’s Thermostat

Authored by Robert Friedman, MD

Dr. Friedman is an orthopedic surgeon with expertise in knee and shoulder disorders including sports injuries, instability, cartilage disruption, rotator cuff problems, and joint replacement.

There are three main areas of bodily function that have a profound effect on your ability to prevent or fight illness, to age gracefully, and to address daily needs easily. These three areas include response to inflammation, sleep, and energy level.

Response to Inflammation

Inflammation is implicated in almost all issues our bodies face and is necessary to fight infections, to ward off diseases, and repair broken down parts. If you suffer a cut on your skin, inflammatory cells arrive and fix it. The inflammatory response, however, can be inadequate, excessive, or just right.

Excessive inflammation can be very detrimental and manifests itself as pain, swelling, restricted movement, fevers, damages to tissue, or stress and anxiety. It impairs normal bodily functions.

Inadequate inflammation can allow other processes, like cancers or infections, to ravage our bodies. The key to controlling this response is to find the degree on YOUR thermostat which promotes a healthy and perfect reaction to issues as they arise, with consistency and efficiency. There is a reason some people in their 50’s look like they are 30 while others look like they are 90.

How Sleep Impacts Health

Sleep is a critical time in our daily cycle where the body can take inventory, focus on specific areas, repair, and build up energy stores. During the day, a large amount of energy is needed to function for brain power, movement, digestion, interaction with others, handling stress, etc. The body cannot restore and regenerate during the day because it is devoted to getting through the list of required activities. Good, quality sleep is essential to combating our challenges and restoring supplies. Most of us do not have quality sleep and inadequately restore supplies, thereby leading to a cyclical situation of negative balance and improper, inadequate responses.

Improving Energy

Energy level during the day is determined by your requirements for basic metabolic needs, such as digestion, brainpower, and movement. If you do not have enough stores to meet these challenges, you will feel tired. This is when many people turn to coffee or other caffeine – which provides a boost but does not help with your metabolic stores. Caffeine can put your body on a roller coaster ride, usually resulting in a worsening of the condition. In many cases, this starts with one or two cups a day and ends with four or five. Your efficiency to handle the daily requirements becomes more impaired and your set point, or thermostat, is completely altered.

The Solution

Traditional solutions to address these areas often have unwanted effects and, like caffeine, are short term with no permanent change to our internal thermostat. Plant-based therapies have been around for many years. I have explored many different natural means to help my body be the best it can be.

Rightful For Pain & Recovery has provided the best combination of eight plant-based therapies to address inflammation, sleep, and energy level. There is nothing like it on the market. After four weeks of therapy, one can literally feel the new setpoint of the body’s thermostat. Enhancing how your body responds to inflammation, improving energy level, and promoting excellent sleep will certainly reduce pain, improve mechanisms to fight illness and other challenges, and will create a large store of energy that can be reserved for unforeseen circumstances. It is similar to building your body’s own 401K to be utilized when necessary. At $4 a day, it is less than one coffee or a cocktail. This incredibly powerful blend of known plant-based therapies is safe, natural, and highly effective. Resetting your own internal thermostat will promote a healthier, happier, more energetic version of yourself!