What is Rhodiola And What Does It Do for the Body?

A look at this powerful adaptogenic herb and its ability to improve energy, overall mood and mental focus, and strengthen the body’s response to physical and emotional stress

While rhodiola may appear to be a new player in the world of botanicals, it is a time-tested and science-backed natural remedy for a multitude of mental and physical health-related issues. But, what exactly is rhodiola, and why does it seem to be attracting so much attention?

Here is everything you need to know about rhodiola.

What is rhodiola?

rhodiola adaptogen growing in a natural environment

Like many of today’s revered herbal health remedies, Rhodiola rosea, otherwise known as golden root, arctic root, or roseroot, has been used throughout history, namely in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and other cold, mountainous regions.

The therapeutic agents found within rhodiola are extracted from the plant’s root, which contains anti-inflammatory properties, and are traditionally known to increase stamina, strengthen the body’s response to physical stress, like exercise, as well as mental stress, like fatigue and mood-related issues.

What are the health benefits of rhodiola?

Rhodiola has been classified as an adaptogen which means, when consumed, it can effectively help your body adapt to external and internal stressors. The herb has over 140 active compounds, but we can thank the plant’s adaptogenic compounds, collectively known as salidrosides and rosavins, for the herb’s unique ability to help us deal with stressful conditions like nervousness and fatigue. Furthermore, rhodiola also contains stimulating and antioxidant compounds, which are thought to boost physical performance and memory.

While increasing stamina and energy has historically been the most popular use for rhodiola, modern science has confirmed many of other health benefits, which include:

  • Handling stress holistically: Adaptogenic herbs, like rhodiola, strengthen your body’s resistance to stress, increasing your resiliency, and making you less susceptible to the negative byproducts of stress.
  • Fighting fatigue: Because of its adaptogenic properties, rhodiola has been shown to reduce physical and mental fatigue, along with other physical repercussions of stress.
  • Positively affecting mood and emotion: rhodiola has been shown to improve overall mood by balancing neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • Improving brain function: rhodiola is thought to improve mental functioning during emotionally stressful and physically trying times.
  • Improving physical performance: rhodiola has the ability to improve physical endurance and performance, which may allow you to sustain longer periods of physical activity.

In the end, whether high amounts of physical or emotional stress in your life is causing fatigue, a dip in your mood, low energy, or decreased mental cognition, rhodiola may be just what you need for adequate support.

What should you know when buying supplements that include rhodiola?

When buying supplements that contain rhodiola, always closely examine the list of ingredients to ensure quality and accurate ingredient amounts. Unfortunately, some companies will hide ineffective, impure, and sometimes adulterated ingredients under the guise of marketing terms like “proprietary blends.” But, when used as recommended, rhodiola safely offers many health benefits with a very low risk of unwanted effects.

It’s always advised that you work with a health or herbal practitioner if you have any questions or concerns when using therapeutic herbs. Our Customer Care Team and on-staff pharmacist are also available to answer any questions you may have! Please reach out via email to care@rightful.com or via private message on Facebook or Instagram. We’re here for you and happy to help.

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