The Rightful Manifesto

We believe wellness and contentment are our natural state. That when our needs are met, our bodies healthy and minds clear, we can be fully present and get the most out of life. 

But pain, physical or emotional, can keep us from living in the present. Pain gnaws at us. It makes it hard to sleep and focus. It leaves us moody and tired. It separates us – from the things we enjoy, the people we love and the best version of ourselves. 

We believe pain relief shouldn’t cause more pain. It shouldn’t come at the risk of weight gain, depression, addiction, or even death. 

There is a solution to this seemingly endless cycle of suffering and it doesn’t require endless prescriptions and harmful after-effects… 

It is found at the crossroads of science and nature. 

Since the dawn of time, we have shared a symbiotic relationship with the plant world. Through trial and error, experimentation, deep research, and the cross-pollination of cultural insights, humans have always relied upon plants to ease suffering. 

Modern pharmaceuticals lean heavily on plants but generally isolate plant compounds to create synthetic “look-a-likes” the likes of which our bodies have never encountered. While these drugs can be life-saving, this reductionist approach comes at a steep price. The more you reduce and isolate, the greater the risk for significant and dangerous side effects. Isolation and reductionism are the antithesis of holism and connectivity, both of which we desperately need to heal. 

We believe that true healing will come from a new way of looking at how we create and deliver medicine. It must be effective, but as free of after-effects as possible. It must be informed by evidence that spans the spectrum from traditional wisdom to cutting edge science. It must be sustainable and not deplete or harm cultures or ecosystems. 

We are following this new way. We examine the natural world and history, from China, India, North America, and beyond, to learn what plants have been used to heal. We select the ones that have been validated by credible, scientific research. We find the highest quality, most sustainable sources for each carefully selected ingredient. Then we combine and deliver them in the right ratios at optimal levels, to help restore wholeness while breaking the seemingly endless cycle of pain. 

Because it is only by approaching healing from this perspective, by considering the whole person, the whole plant and whole planet, that we can move beyond the pain to know and feel a deeper connection to ourselves, our world, and to one another. 

This is true relief.

This is how we heal.

We are Rightful.