Pain impacts your whole body. Treatment should too.

Pain disrupts daily functions on every level—sleep, energy, mood, and movement. That’s why our revolutionary formula uses eight scientifically-selected ingredients delivered in a twice-daily solution for maximum effectiveness, finally relieving pain’s hold over your life.

Our plant-based formula wasn't complete without results.

We tested Rightful For Pain & Recovery with 138 real pain sufferers to gauge its impact. After 4 weeks of taking Rightful every morning and evening, their lives were transformed.

Rightful dramatically reduces both the severity and frequency of pain.

Graph showing a 49% reduction in pain levels over four weeks of taking Rightful from a 2019 consumer study
Graph showing a 57% reduction in pain days over four weeks of taking Rightful from a 2019 consumer study

Get to know the eight powerful plant ingredients that make it possible.

Why For Pain & Recovery works:

Bioavailability [noun]

1. the degree to which and speed with which a substance enters circulation and is able to take effect

We painstakingly created a liquid formula, with a systematic approach to all of our ingredients, all in the name of bioavailability. Why? Because in liquid form, our ingredients can enter into circulatory systems faster and more of its power can be absorbed. We also used specific ingredients, like Black Pepper Extract and coconut cream, to help increase the absorption of turmeric and hemp.

Precision dosing [noun]

1. specific, intentional amounts of each ingredient that are scientifically-proven to be most effective

Unfortunately, many natural products mislead consumers by packing their labels full of ingredients, but only include a trace amount of them inside – sometimes hidden behind a “proprietary blend.” We are different. We have consulted the latest clinical research to determine the precise amount of every therapeutic ingredient that’s most effective.